It was a fantastic win yesterday, and it was fully deserved. We played very good at times, and the key to that was that we defended very well. Attack-wise, we have played quite well in many games this season, but in the last two games we have defended very well as well. One good example is the match-winning tackle Martin Olsson made on the goal line to deny them 1-1. It gave us the opportunity to keep a clean sheet which was incredibly important, and it gave us the opportunity to kill the game with The Yaks 2-0 scoring. Now we have kept a clean sheet in two games in a row, and it finally feels like it has loosened a bit for us. Nevertheless, it is important that we keep working on these results and ensure that we win more games. Because I love to win and the feeling we have now and we damn sure have to get that feeling in the next few games as well.


Morten Gamst Pedersen