The last few days I have been in Tromsø to visit family and friends, and it’s been really nice. I don’t have many days left of vacation so I try to get as much as possible out of it. Tromsø is a beautiful city and I recommend everyone to go to to see and experience the Paris of the North. It wasn’t to hot but the weather was great, plenty of sunshine and a lot of smiling people. I did some training with my old club, and it was fun to see old teammates again.

The match-fixing scandal that rolls in the media these days is incredibly boring for football, and it is very harmful to our sport. Personally I have never experienced any form of gambling on the results or other things in the matches I have played. It has not been an issue in any way in the football environment I have been in. I have no impression that this is a huge problem in football either. Of course I can not comment on what others do, but I have neither seen nor heard of any questionable stuff.