I was out walking in the city earlier today, and stood on red light waiting to cross the street. While I stood there this lady came on her bike, and she went flat out on her face just in front of me. It was a pretty scary situation, and fortunately she felled onto the sidewalk and not into the street. It could have gone really bad. I helped her up and checked that she was alright, and just next to the street there where some 18 year old boys playing street football, they also came to and helped save her bike, and put together the parts that went into pieces. There was lots of traffic on the site, so she was quite upset and was a bit shaken by the situation, so we all stood there with her until she was calm and able to continue on his journey. Fortunately it went well with her, and fortunately she had a helmet on, because she fell properly. It was also great to see that there were several people who came to help her.

Morten Gamst Pedersen