Morten Gamst Pedersen Morten Gamst Pedersen

Laser sensor with Adidas and TV231st May 2011

Activity day29th May 2011

Back in Norway23rd May 2011

WONDERFUL22nd May 2011

Game of our career

Football strike in Norway21st May 2011

Last game of the season coming up18th May 2011

Draw against Manchester United15th May 2011

United tomorrow13th May 2011

Norway Cup – Focus

Reserves win the north league12th May 2011

Blackburn Rovers reserves vs. Man.Utd reserves11th May 2011

Got a draw8th May 2011

Let’s beat them6th May 2011

Ambassador of Audemars Piguet4th May 2011

Barbeque3rd May 2011