It’s been a while since the last time I blogged, but I have been on the road and it’s not always as good internet connection were we go. But now I’m back home and I’m all set behind the keyboard. The beauty of traveling to such places is that you get plenty of time to read the newspapers, and I’ve really done that the last week. What takes up most space is the economy in Europe and especially in Greece. And in that regard, I found a good explanation about Greeces economic problems.

A tourist goes into a hotel in a small Greek town. He put 300 euros on the counter in the lobby and goes up to see the room. The hotel owner takes the money and run to the butcher to pay his bill. The butcher takes the money and pays the farmer for the meat he bought on credit. The farmer runs to gas station and pays the gasoline he bought for his tractor on credit. The owner of the petrol station take the money and pay his debt to the local pleasure girl. She goes to the hotel and pays the 300 euros which she owes for her “work room”. The hotel owner puts the money on the counter. The tourist comes down the stairs to the reception. He does not like the room, so he takes his 300 euro and goes. No one has earned so much as a cent, but the city is debt free and the future looks bright.

Have a great debt free evening

Morten Gamst Pedersen