Adidas and TV2 came to visit on a Vålerenga (the team I’m training with during holiday) training to test the new Predator shoes by Adidas, with them, they had a laser sensor and the national team- and Stabæk goalkeeper Jon Knutsen. This was very funny and both I and the others were eager to see how hard I can shoot. I may be better known for precise shots instead of hard screamers, but this is fun so it was no doubt about doing it. After some warm-up shooting, I came up in 128 km/h. This was after a long training and just for fun, so I’m 100% sure that I will shoot harder if the opportunity comes in a game. Here you can see the session

The mentor for this session was of course TV2 own Morten “the stick ” Stokkstad. A previous bet with “the stick” that I won (of course) and the result is that he must stand in the goal in hockey position and I will shoot 10 shots at him. Time and place have not been determined, but I will come back with full coverage on the whole thing here at :)

Morten Gamst Pedersen