These are difficult times, there is no doubt about that. I want to play and contribute, but everybody wants that. But the manager picks the team, so you just have to give everything when you get the chance. It annoys me that I didn’t score on my chance, I should have sent that ball home and it would have sent us into game again. So I take self-criticism for that, and I’m sorry it didn’t go in. But we are seriously going to have to start picking points soon, or we will find ourselfs in trouble. We have a better team than what we have shown lately, and I’m just as disappointed as all of you. I am one of the most experienced players on the team, and for all you who want to empty your heart you can do it here on my blog. You have every right at this moment to empty a little frustration here and I fully understand it. Just watch the language, there are many young supporters reading this blog.

Morten Gamst Pedersen