One of the main reasons I’ve got to where I am as a footballer is my talent for training. Talent is not just pure technique; it is also the willingness to train. Therefore, I always set up the days on my free time so there is time for a little workout. But let me say it straight away, no matter how important the training is, it is important not to lose the fun and play in training. And that is just as important for me and every other professional football players as it is for you who will participate in Norway Cup.

I started the preseason with Blackburn Rovers on July 12 last year and my season ends on June 7 this year. And on the 8th of June I go on an eight day training camp in Spain with my training buddy Stig. There we will train three times a day with Blackburn Rovers sport therapist Mark Holmes. I do this to be well preparedfor next season which starts around the same time as last season. After that I take my holidays, but holidays do not mean that you shouldn’t work out. Even on holiday I work out almost every day, but then I don’t train as hard as the rest of the year. A light work out session just to sweat a little is enough. At the same time, I can use this period to train the muscles I don’t have time during the season. Alternative training that doesn’t involve football is perfect. For example, it is fun with a little beach volleyball or other sports I don’t have time to during season.

For us football players it is important to be strong in the legs and core. Core means stomach and back. So this is what I spend most time training on. Of course it’s important to be well trained in the entire body, but it would not be wise to have big arms and big chest and not be strong enough in my legs and stomach to keep my balance. In a few weeks I’ll post some photos and movies on how I work out. And after that I will write a post on how I train football.

Morten Gamst Pedersen