Norway-Denmark wasn’t exactly a screamer of a game, and we didn’t play as good as we wanted. But we managed to get a good 1-1 result on a very bad day, and it doesn’t let Denmark any closer to us in the Euro qualifying. After the game we’ve heard one Dane after the other talk about how bad we were and that they were much better, and we just play long balls and they play good football. But if we are so bad and they played so fantastic football, why did they only managed a draw against us and WE still leads the group? And I actually think it’s time the Danes take a look on the games they are commenting because I believe they scored on a set piece and we scored our goal on open play. And Denmark wasn’t exactly world class they either in this game. Now I do not take anything from the Danes when it comes to their goal, it was absolutely world class by Rommedahl. Too bad it came against us, but anyone who loves football loves to see those screamers. But Huseklepps goal wasn’t much worse.

Now I’m back in Manchester and the focus is on Blackburn Rovers and that we must get away from the relegation zone. We have a way to good team to be where we are now, and I look forward till we’ll begin to climbing the table. We are approaching a difficult game away to Arsenal, and it is important that we train well and are sharpend against them.

Morten Gamst Pedersen