Tonight I have charging the batteries on the agenda, because we’re playing Wigan at DW stadium tomorrow. DW stadium is no easy ground to visit, and especially not for us, because this is a derby and Wigan will do everything in their power to defeat us, no one wants lose the derbys. And this means just as much for the players as for the supporters. But enough nonsense, to be honest Wigan have absolute not a chance in he** in this game. We have so much to revenge after the Spurs game, and we will obviously let it out on Wigan! :) No, I’m only joking, I don’t want to be disrespectful towards Wigan, they have many good players and are a good team that can make life miserable for every football team. But I promise that we for our part, certainly going into this match with full focus.

Unfortunately John Williams leaves us, and it is incredibly sad. John has been in the club for a long time and he have had immense impact on the club and shaped it to what it is now. John has been present during all of my contracts, and he is a man who takes the club and the players seriously. He has been a resource that many Premier League clubs have envied us. I wish John all the best in the future, but we who are left in the club must continue to work hard to bring the club forward in the manner John wants.

Morten Gamst Pedersen