The mood in the squad is great at the moment, and that helps a lot during the bus ride down the M6 to Birmingham today. It’s Aston Villa again and it’s the third time this season and the second time at Villa Park. And to be honest we’ll go for the win, and thats about what I have to say. I’ll rather post some pictures, because pictures says more than thousand words :)

DJ Roberts Loves his music and have his headphones on almost all the time, and he humms a lot…

…which is not just as fun for his mate, because the man is completely tone deaf

Jermaine is a top man, a bit quiet… and he doesn’t humm so much like a certian someone :)

BUT... All new players have to sing to the rest of the team, these two gents as well. Incredible funny and more often than not it sounds like somebode trying to strangle a cat, and it was pretty close today too :)

Morten Gamst Pedersen