Today we had a pretty fun training, the Danish giant Jensen led the training and it was basically on passes and possesion. And I take THAT as a clear hint to my performance in the last game, he he :) No, I have looked on the analysis from the match and it shows that it was not as bad as I first thought, but the mistakes I made was quite visible and then the impressions are often worse than reality. But both me and you fans had probably about the same impression of what I did in that game, and we all agree that I can improve myself, and of course that I will. But for you guys to understand why I made no such mistakes in the last game I have to tell you a little secret. (I trust that all of you will keep what I now will tell you to yourselves and that this is just between us!) In late March Norway plays a very important game against Denmark. And for Denmark to have a slight advantage in that match, they have sent the Danish football-SPY John “Faxe” Jensen to monitor all my movements. This, of course, the mastermind Morten Gamst Pedersen saw right through! So thats why I do some bad passing once in a while so that he will get the wrong impression. But just relax people, I’ll make no mistakes so that we lose any games, just so the spy Jensen is sent on a wild goose chase, and after the Norway-Denmark match, I will be back in my world class performance :) he he he

And to Barmy Army. You commented in the previous blog post that I seemed pissed off, and that I made a bad impression of you and your friend. I was not at all pissed off, I was just cold and hungry and a bit dissapointed on my own performance. And I think I wrote autographs and took pictures with everybody who wanted it outside the stadium after the game. But I was really happy about our good result in that game. But if I have seemed pissed off or didn’t behave I’d like to apologize right here. Barmy Army (or RN) I’m so sorry, please accept my apologies.

Morten Gamst Pedersen