Today we received the good news that Steve Kean has signed for 2 1/2 years. This means we now know who will be our permanent manager for the next few years. This will make it easier for us to sign new players, because there are very few players who will go to a club without a manager because when there is a new manager in, it is not certain that he wants the players that are there. Kean is a man who knows his football and I think this will bring us a step further, and now that all the pieces finally are in place, we can concentrate 100% on football.

My good friend John Carew has signed for Stoke which I think is a good solution for him, or I know it’s a good solution for him because now he comes to a club where the manager will believe in him, something that was not the case in Villa. This was perfect timing for both him and Norway for now he has the opportunity to play regularly, which no doubt will help Norway enormously in our incredibly important game against Denmark in the end of March.

Morten Gamst Pedersen