Firstly, I want to thank everybody for the support and congratulations after the Liverpool match, it was a very important win for us and we proved to everyone that we can play good football. But I’m unfortunately going to have to pour some cold water in the vains. Liverpool away from home is not what they once were, and we knew that, so it was easy for us to make them play poor. There will be two games in a row now likely to be more difficult. Queens Park Rangers at home in the FA Cup and Chelsea away on the bridge. QPR leads the Championship and is a very good team that will not give anything for free. It is extra fun that Peter Vaagan Moen play there, and if we are lucky, we’ll meet on the pitch. We for our part got an incredible boost in the match against Liverpool because in that game we played really well. It is written a lot about how bad the Reds were, but they were bad because we made them play bad. But now that game is forgotten, and we’re ready for the QPR game tomorrow.

Morten Gamst Pedersen