Tomorrow we play at home against Liverpool, and considering that Roy Hogdsons teams almost never win away, we have never had a better chance to beat Liverpool than right now. Of course, our injury situation is not desirable, but I have great faith in the players we have can do the job. We had an unfortunable defeat away to Sunderland where the end result is not at all reflected in our game, we deserved more than 0-3 in the sack in that match. Therefore, it suits us well to meet Liverpool who have a bad away statistics. It is important to emphasize that Liverpool FC is still Liverpool FC, with Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Pepe Reina and players of that caliber, and I have incredible respect for Liverpool and the players they have. Therefore we can not lose focus for a second or we will be punished. But we are good at home and that we will let Liverpool know tomorrow.

Morten Gamst Pedersen