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Ryan to Tottenham

Posted by on the 1st February 2012

Ryan Nelsen went to Tottenham and it came as a shock to me, Ryan has been at the club almost as long asI have and I still remember the first training he had with us. We played on the same team and he did a really good impression, and on his debut came away against Portsmouth in the same game that I scored my first goal in the Premier League. Ryan is a really good friend and I will miss him both as a person and player. Had it been up to me Ryan would have stayed here with us, but it’s not and all I can do isto wish him the best of luck at Tottenham. I took this picture at the reserve game today and shows Ryan score.

Tomorrow it’s all set for a new game againt Newcastle, and it is the fourth game against them this season. We played well against them when we knocked them out of the Cup at Ewood Park. I hope we can play yet another a good game, and beat them in the league as well.

Morten Gamst Pedersen


Posted by on the 30th January 2012

Hi Gemma, I can confirm that I am NOT on twitter, so any profiles that are there are not of me. I’ve heard some rumors that I apparently have a profile there, and I have set Stig on the case to find out what is going on, and to take necessary steps to have it removed. I do not want anyone to come up with stuff that is not true on my behalf.

Jason Roberts has gone to Reading, which I personally thought was sad. Jason is a good friend and a true professional, and it has been an honor to play with him at Blackburn Rovers. I want to thank him for the job he has done here at Rovers and wish him every good luck at Reading. And that lucky bugger managed to score in his first game for them.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

tests today

Posted by on the 25th January 2012

Today we had some tests on the training field, and it quite went well for myself. We tested strength, coordination, speed, etc. It’s always nice to have theese tests so you can see what to work a little extra on. It has gone better for us in recent games, and tests like this will only help us to improve even more. Now that the results have begun to go more our way, the moos is far better in the squad, but we still have a long way to go so you will not rest until we are where we should be, and thats much higher up on the table.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Everton tomorrow

Posted by on the 20th January 2012

Now I am in place at the hotel in Liverpool where we will stay tonight before tomorrow’s game against Everton. Everton at Goodison Park is a hard game, but we have faith in ourselves after last weekend’s match against Fulham. And I must honestly admit that it is good to go into a game with a little more confidence than we had earlier in the season. But the game isn’t until tomorrow, so now we will charge the batteries for tomorrow and then we’ll see what we’re made off. Our new signing Anthony Modeste is here, and we’ll see if he gets the chance tomorrow.

It was incredibly boring that Norway went out of the Handball Championship tonight, and it feels bitter the way we went out. But I do not feel that we can blame either Slovenia or Iceland. Iceland takes chance they get, while Slovenia is playing for themselves and what is best for them. It’s not fair play to do it the way they did, but that’s life. I think the guys did well largely through the tournament, but they didn’t score enough goals when it counted the most.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

a win at home

Posted by on the 14th January 2012

It was so good to win today, and on top of that get a free kick goal just was liberating. Today we got a difficult situation when we were reduced to 10 men, but we worked the socks of us to take get this win, and eventually we got a deserved 3-1 win. This win took us above the relegation zone, and now we will work hard to keep us there. It’s always hard to be down in the relegation zone, and for any team down there it seams to be more post out than post in, so it is important for us to get a win like today so we could get the feeling of a win. This game will undoubtedly give us confidence going forward, and hopefully give us a better last part of the season than before Christmas. And of course, it was exstra fun to beat Brede Hangeland and John Arne Riise ;) But it was just as important to give everybody in Blackburn a pleasent saturday evening.

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Fulham home today

Posted by on the

It’s time for a new match against Fulham at Ewood Park today. It is obviously fun for me to play against my friends on the national team Brede Hangeland and John Arne Riise, but apart from that this game is just like all other games in the Premier League this season. It is a game we have to win, and right now we have the situation that every game is like a cup final for us. If we win today we are taking a big step up on the table, and that is what we hope that we will do.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

out of the cups

Posted by on the 8th January 2012

Now we are out of both cups, and it’s incredibly annoying, and it would have been good for us to beat Newcastle in both the cups. I had hoped that we would do well in the cups this season, and in that way get a little revenge for not going so well in the league. But on the other hand, now we only have the league to concentrate on, and that’s an opportunity we have to take care of. And since we are in the situation we are in it just as well that we only have one thing to concentrate on. For our part it was good that Martin Olsson was back and played an hour yesterday, he will give us a dimension we have missed in the past. And right now we need all the forces we can get.

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Newcastle in the FA cup

Posted by on the 7th January 2012

Today we’re playing Newcastle away in the FA cup, and it’s going to be a very tough game. After a long and hard Christmas program there will be some changes on both teams, but that will just give some of the players an opportunity. We score a lots of goals, in fact there are only six teams have scored more than us in the Premier League this season. Unfortunately for us as we let in into too many goals, so we have to defend better as a team. And every game is a great opportunity to sort that out. Now we’re off for a walk before the game. COYB!

Have a good weekend

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Petter og Marit

Posted by on the 5th January 2012

It was very unfortunate that Petter Northug had a bad day today and lost ground to Dario Cologna in the Tour de Ski. This year I had really hoped that Peter would win this Tour, but now it may look difficult. But we all know how Petter is, and we can never say anything for sure when it comes Northug. He is an amazing skier and is incredibly strong, so if he finds his form again in the last two days I am sure he will challenge Cologna up the last hill in Val de Fiemme.

Marit Bjørgen, however, is in the driver’s seat and she is so strong that I’m sure she’ll manage to keep Kowalczyk behind her. But even though I am a big fan of Marit, I hope that my personal favorite Therese Johaug comes as a projectile up the monster hill and takes the win ;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen

Happy new year

Posted by on the 31st December 2011

Happy New Year folks :D This was three incredible points, and it suited us just fine picking four points from the two last “impossible” games against Liverpool and Manchester United on Anfield and Old Trafford. Right now I’m so so tired, and I can’t be bodered writing so much on the blog today. Now I will relax a few hours, then I’ll take my family and friends out for a better meal at San Carlo restaurant later this evening.

Happy New Year

Morten Gamst Pedersen