Today we had a really hard workout, but it is so nice when we’re done. So now I can relax a bit on the couch before going to the Christmas party with all employees of Blackburn Rovers. It is always nice, so I’m looking forward to that. Blackburn has always been a family club where there is a short distance between all the people involved in the club, so everybody is looking forward to this day. But this year I have forgotten something important,  I managed to forget to find me a date for tonight. But there may be a solution to this problem. Because on the last blog post there was a man named Neil, who sort of offered me his girlfriend. As he said, “my missus even fancies him and guess what , id let her do him. because morts is a rovers hero and for that i salute him.” Of course I’m grateful for the offer! But I hate to be a “homewrecker”, so we don’t have to go “all the way” on the first oportunity. We can just start with a simple date, like our Christmas do. Or what do you say Neil? ;)

I would like to send my regards to Hayley who I met at the San Carlo restaurant yesterday. She’s often commenting on my blog, and I have noticed the name before, so it was nice to meet the ladies yesterday and also get a face behind the name. I hope you all had a nice Christmas dinner last night.

Morten Gamst Pedersen