We rescued a point in overtime yesterday, but we don’t defend good enough as a team to win matches like this. Wigan is belove us on the table, so naturally they will fight like lions, so we can’t just go and and pick up points away from home in the Premier League. We took an early lead, but couldn’t keep it for long. But we showed commitment and strength to come back twice when they took the lead. Paul Robinson sacrificed himself for us in the final minutes on the penalty situation, and it shows character on his part.

The big question after the game was the corner situation involving me and Yakubu, and there has been said a lot about it here on my blog. So I feel it is best that I come with my version of if. I thought that Yakubu had touched the ball, so I took it with me into the field. I was looking into the box when Yakubu pretended to kick the ball, and I only saw him doing that in the corner of my eye, so I thought that he had touched it. Now, Yakubu never touched it, but since neither the referee or the assistant referee did nothing I thought everything was fine until after the game and I found out that Yakubu was never close to the ball. If I had seen that he never was near the ball I would have just sent it in like I always do.

Morten Gamst Pedersen