I don’t know if all the hotels in Norwich has just as bad internet connection like the one we live in, but it is time that our hotel joins the rest of us in 2011. The connection here isn’t much better than the old ISDN lines we used in the nineties. It is actually so bad that I can’t post this blog, so Stig is going to have to do it as soon as he gets the chance. So if this blog come out right before we play it’s just Stig putting it out.

I have never played away against Norwich before so this is going to be exciting. They did a good game against Liverpool and showed that they can play football. But we don’t care, we’re here to bring three points home. We have played several good games in a row now, but the payoff has been poor. We played a fantastic game against Newcastle in midweek, and if we continue like that this is going to go well. Speaking about the Newcastle game I see that there are several who reacts to my celebration when I scored. I apologize if there are anybody who feel offended, and there was absolutely no hard feelings when I pushed to Mauro. Mauro and I are good friends and sit beside each other in the locker room. It was just a reaction to scoring and the adversity we’ve had. I’ll probably do it again next time too ;) No, if it bothers people I will of course stop :)

Morten Gamst Pedersen