Pardon my french, but that was a hell of a nice win yesterday. I was supposed to blog last night after the game but I was so tired that I went straight to bed when I got home. Today we have taken it easy in training with restitution in the pool and on the treatment bench. But even if it was a superb win yesterday, there are several things that annoys me with the game. It is among other things, unforgivable that we let Newcastle into the match with two goals in overtime, and we are going to have to learn from immediately, otherwise we will learn a lesson we absolutely do not like. Although we should have decided the game a lot sooner and I’d rather that we are finished after 90 minutes, this is a game that goes down in history as a classic and something we will remember for a long time. But I also think we learned something important yesterday too, and that is that we can not expect to get something for free in our games. We are simply going to have to do the work yourself and not count on the support and help from anybody. I simply do not know why the referee added five minutes of additional time, and I don’t understand why it was allowed an extra minute on the already added additional time. This let Newcastle in the game when they scored after six additional minutes. And the penalty Newcastle got was wrong since Løvenkrands was in offside when he went down. Mayby Newcastle should have had a penalty earlier in the game on a hand ball situation, but one wrong do not fix another. Newcastle is a very big club that I have great respect for, and this was their first loss this year, so there is reason for us to be proud. But twice they where let into the game for free without us unable to do anything about it, and that is not good. I understand that the referee may have the hardest job of all, and I don’t blame the ref that we got it hard, but it shows that we are a club who get nothing for free.

Morten Gamst Pedersen