Just to give you guys a glimpse in to our training ground i have taken som photos I like to share with you.

This is Dr. Duncan our doctor. He talks so much that he easily can have a conversation just with him self :)

Scott Dann posing like a diva on the treatment bench, some people just have to pose immediately the camera comes out.

Ryan getting treatment by physio nr.2 Mark Palmer. Both from New Zealand, who just won the rugby world championship, so this is two happy men.

Ha-ha, got Jason red handed shaving his head, and who knew he actually had hair?? Anyways, he stole that mirror from his wife or daughter because it looks like something that came with a Hello Kitty magazine :D

Martin Olsson getting well deserved treatment by Mark Holmes

And at last I can show you our physio room Premier League predictor… Its almost to easy if you know what I mean ;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen