Yesterday’s results were not surprising and they went unfortunately not our way, but that’s football sometimes. Denmark deserves a trip to the European Championships and we wish them good luck and hope they do well there. I’ve been a fan of Denmark since I was a little boy and Preben Elkjaer played. I actually had a Denmark jersey with Elkjaer on the back, and I was a big fan of Brian Laudrup. Although I hoped that they would lose yesterday I was pleased that my good friend Lars Jacobsen got a goal. But this does not change my thoughts about our game on Tuesday, although the match is not as important as it could have been. I am going to give a hundred percent. I see that I have had some Danish visitors to the blog the last few days after I said that Cyprus was better than Denmark, and it doesn´t not seem like the joke went right home in the Danish hearts, but I think that they don´t take it so hard anymore since Denmark played a good game yesterday:) Now it’s just for us to concentrate on our own game on Tuesday and play a good game, and let that be a patch on the wound after the disappointment of not getting to participate in the European Championships.

Tonight it´s going be a testimonial game on Alfheim stadium in Tromsø in honor of Vegard Nergård. Big names like Sigurd Rushfelt, Lars Iver Strand, Hans Åge Yndestad, Mika Koppinen, Roar Christensen and especially Stig Werner Einvik and many more is going to play. If the wind is blowing the right way and God him slef puts his souls in it, mayby Vegard and Stig gets one goal each :) hehe. I wish I had the opportunity to play in the game itself, so that I could dribble  Vegard and tackle Stig far up in the stands:) Have a nice Saturday evening

Morten Gamst Pedersen