Sorry I’m late with blogging after the Newcastle game, but I have a good excuse and I will come back to that. I was in the squad against Newcastle and had hoped to get a few minutes on the pitch, I didn’t and that was a bit disappointing. Iwasn’t chosen amongst the lucky 18. But thats life sometimes, I had been out injured for a few weeks and had not been trained long enough with the team. This was a difficult away game and they wanted to give priority to the players that have been injury free, of course I have no problem with that because we have many good players and I have full respekt for that decision.

But the reason I have not blogged is that I didn’t go to Manchester with the rest of the team after the game. Some of my best friends had in fact made ​​a very good birthday present for me. Just before we went to Newcastle I was told that I had to park my car at Manchester airport because I was to fly from Newcastle after the game. I was going to London and on to Copenhagen from there. We had the day off on Sunday and in Copenhagen I was to follow the world championship in road racing from the inside with Norwegian TV2 throughout the whole Sunday. It was simply an amazing gift that I very much appreciated. I had a fantastic day, and had virtually free access to everything I wanted. It was a shame the Norwegian guys did not win, but I think Mark Cavendish was a worthy winner. He has simply been the best throughout the year, and then it fits nicely that he became the world champion. I want to thank Stig, Kristian Oma, Dag Otto Lauritsen and the rest of the guys who organized this amazing gift. Here are some photos and a film from Copenhagen.

The finnish line in copenhagen

Morten Gamst Pedersen