It was not our best game against Wolverhampton last weekend, we played a decent first half but our second half was simply not good enough. But it was the first game of the season and there are still 37 games left to fight for points in. And the first opportunity comes this weekend away against Aston Villa, and there we have some things to sort out, especially in defense. But we were missing three key players in Samba, Nelsen and Givet, and every team in the league would have struggled defensly when missing such players. So it is far from a crisis, but there is always room for improvement and that is something we work hard to achieve. Of course I’m just as disappointed as all of you fans for the poor results in the last game, and I notice that there has been some critsism. There is obviously room for that, but I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Here on my blog there is always room for everyone’s opinions when it comes to Blackburn Rovers, both positive and negative. So for those want to come with criticism can obviously do that, just as much as those that come with praise. But as I said earlier, this was the first game of the season and we have 37 games left and we were missing three very important players. So it is perhaps a little early to judge us yet, let’s see what happens in the next few months and then maybe we can come up with a verdict. :)

Morten Gamst Pedersen