I don’t quite know what to say about the terrible events back home in Norway, so I just start writing and let the emotions flow freely. The feeling that I have doesn’t get better as the days go by and we’re getting distance from the horrors, it’s quite the contrary, they are getting rather worse as the horrific scenes we are witnessing is coming through. And now when I read the online newspapers at home I see that the terrorist want the prison meeting to take place in open court so that he can explain himself to the public. But what can this man have to say of interest? Such a person, which show total disregard for human life, and also shows that low intelligence that he believes that to blast the government quarter to pieces and then slaughter our youth politicians will lead to the changes he wants. That person has no opinions or other information of interest to the Norwegian people.

Norway is a small country, and such events will affect everyone in one way or another way. But we will not let our selfs to be broken of this, we will rather strengthen us on this. We are an open society that does not have armed guards and security controls everywhere, and we don’t want to have it either. We will stand together and find comfort in each other and we will as our primeminister Jens Stoltenberg said, retaliate with even more democracy. I am in Hong Kong with Blackburn Rovers, but my heart is home in Norway. I will play with black bands ond my arm in the next game to honor the victims, their families and each and every other Norwegians in Norway and aaround the world. And I will ask my team mates to do the same. I read a very strong story of Prableen Kaur, one of the survivors of Utøya, and I’m sitting with a huge lump in my throat of the events she has gone through. It is in Norwegian, but use google translate and read it: Prableen Kaurs blog

Now we will heal our wounds and focus on our lives onwards, and it is important that we don’t let our selfs go in a bad circle og hate and anger, but rather stand togheter to protect our nation and our way of living.


Morten Gamst Pedersen