We won 2-1 against Accrington yesterday and it was so good to play 90 minutes again, even if it was just a training match it was so good to get 90 minutes under the belt. Accrington was a good team and played good football, they dared to hold on to the ball and played on the ground. But even they had to give way to the mighty rovers ;) We had divided the squad into two and played two matches, and in the second match against Morecomb it was 1-1.

In the Tour de France today, it is time for a really good sprint since it is a fairly flat stage. It will be interesting to see if anyone manages to beat Mark Cavendish today. Cav is simply a machine, and now that he has his best chance ever to win the green jersey for the first time he will do everything to win today, so he is the big favorite today. Of cource I hope that either Thor or Edvald will win the stage, and of course they have a good chance but it’s going to be tough.

My favorite Andy Schleck is still in the race, but I had hoped that he would be able to get away yesterday on the last stage in the Pyrenees, but Cadel Evans, Thomas Voeckler and the other are really hard guys and can not be shakend off that easy. And I think Evans and Voeckler is sailing up as two new personal favorites. Who would have thought that Voeckler was able to keep the yellow jersey after the Pyrenees? And Evans has become one of my favorites, at least after listening to him talk. He sounds like a true copy of Lee Evans, and it is incredibly fun to hear :)