Just before I went on my holidays the Union of British football supporters had their annual supporters cup. Blackburn Rovers had two teams and I had sent my spy Stig to take a look at the teams. He gave me continuous updates all the way and it sounded more and more promising as the Blackburn Rovers first team swept all resistance of the pitch. According to reports, the Blackburn Rovers was in a class above everybody else, and that feels good in genuine Rover heart. Unfortunately, the defeat against Arsenal in the final felt very bitter for all Rovers because Blackburn was a much better team, and nobody had said anything if Blackburn had won by three or four goals, all we can do is congratulate Arsenal and especialy the gunners goal keeper for the performance of the year. Unfortunately thats football sometimes, and that’s why we love the sport.

For Blackburn Rovers: Jonas Sundet, Anders Særvold, Steinar Uglebakken, Stian Tørrstad, Tore Aasen Øderud, Eirik Herland Berge, Ronny Losoa, Thomas Thalerud, Torbjørn Melhuus, Kenny ? and Daniel Strandberg

Morten Gamst Pedersen