I’ve been on holiday with my closest friends, and have taken some time off from media and the blog. I spent a week with the boys in Mallorca and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had a fantastic week with lots of laughter, fun and joy, just the way we like it. After that I and Stig went to Dubrovnik in Croatia to have a football for Statoil. We had four wonderful days with the incredible Statoil crew. We met many people we know from the last time we had a football school for Statoil, and we met many new people who were really friendly. Both I and the Stig want to say thank you to all of the Statoil people who sorted out everything for us so that we could make a good football school. Two years ago when we had a football school for Statoil we met a young girl who where about 13 years old, and she had a huge talent, and we wondered if she had continued her development. And when we arrived in Dubrovnik, we learned that she could not come to our football school because she had been selected out to the U16 national team, and it was incredibly fun to hear that. This time we met 3-4 girls in the same age group that can reach very far if they want. So it will be interesting to hear how it goes with them in two years time.

Morten Gamst Pedersen