Now that we have gotten into the situation we are in now all games are equally important, we all know that so there is no reason to emphasize how important the match against Bolton tomorrow is. It is a little like having butter on bacon. But I’ll say it anyways, tomorrow we need points! We can not expect any help from other teams so we have to do it ourselfs, and you might get bored of me saying it before every game, but we have a good enough team to do this, and I am sure that we will.

And of course we have to send our congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate who did fine without the big scandals on their big day today, everybody said yes on the right places and the correct name. However, I must admit that I am a bit disappointed, because now my chances with Kate is at best microscopic. Ill just have  to hope for better chances with the Swedish favorite, princess Madeleine. Or by the way, anybody knows if Princess Kates sister Philippa Middelton is singel? ;)

Have a great weekend folks.

Morten Gamst Pedersen