Today we in the Norwegian national team got the shocking news that our Swedish football brothers is not allowed to blog, be on twitter or on facebook. This is of course a big shock for us, because I know that many of us Norwegians have been sitting on the hotel room and waited for the Swedes to log on to various forums. Obviously we are disappointed, just as disappointed as when we found out that our Swedish brothers was not allowed to eat candy or other sweets, but then of course I took some responsibility and sent some sweets to Johan Elmander so that he and the rest of the Swedish team could have a sneak taste, remember this? Sweets to Sweden This time I will of course take responsibility again and do some blogging for the Swedes if they wish. So Johnan, Zlatan, Martin Olsson and the Swedish guys can just give me a call and I’ll put everything they want on the blog, facebook and twitter ;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen