Today we had the day off, and it’s always nice to get a day off during Christmas. So today I’ve relaxed and had a quiet and nice day. I went to the gym and had an easy workout, and after that I ate lunch together with Espen Sjetne in the Norwegian Blackburn supportes club. He had prepared an interview for the Norwegian Blackburn supporters and it was very good. Otherwise, I have been charging the batteries and is ready for the match away against Sunderland. And in that match we will do everything we can to get us two away wins in a row, and I have great faith that we can do it. And I have got a request from Chris “Fenny” Fenton who is right now in the wedding of Neil and Catherine to congratulate them on their big day, and of course I will do that. CONGRATULATIONS NEIL AND CATHRINE, I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!

Morten Gamst Pedersen