It has come out some frustration on this blog with Big Sam leaving the club, but that is natural in a situation like this. People tend to fear changes when we do not know what’s coming. But I would like to request some patience about the situation, if the owners have a wider plan with the club, I think we all should get behind it, and continue to support the club. I’m pretty sure there soon is a new manager who will continue to lead the club in the right direction. My loyalty and commitment lies with Blackburn Rovers, and I will do everything I can both on and off the pitch so that this do not disturb us. No one is bigger than the club, and therefore I encourage everyone to come to Ewood this weekend and give full support to the team. We are stronger togheter. And you are my blue and white army!

Now I’m home in Vadsø at the funeral of my old friend and classmate Øystein Kristoffer Vollan. He unfortunately died in a tragic fall accidental. All my thoughts are with the family. The ceremony was nice, but sad. And Øystein was torn away all too early, and it affects us all. We in the class are way too young to follow each other to the grave, and I hope it is many many years before it happens again.

Morten Gamst Pedersen