Tomorrow it is all set to the local derby against Bolton, this is always close and exciting games that no one will lose. We have fortunately a good hold on Bolton and I’m not sure but I think I have never lost at the Reebok stadium. Bolton has been very good so far this season and they score a lot of goals. Especially Johan Elmander has been terrific for them. Therefore, this blog post is going to be about Johan Elmander. A few days ago I started messing around with him and would “psyche” him out a bit before this match. So I called around to mutual friends to see if there was anything I could use against him. But there are simply not. Johan is so kind and nice and professional that I suspect him to be a Norwegian and not Swedish ;) Johan has started this season amazingly, and he has scored some really nice goals and we all remember this beauty:

And after Sunday, when he does not want food poisoning me anymore I’ll obviously go to dinner with him and his family. He and his wife just got their second child and we all congratulate him and his family with that. But just so this blog post should not be too sticky I’ll just say: Johan, tomorrow you get your butt kicked! ;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen