The handball girls are rocking at the moment, and it is incredibly funny. I played handball before I became a full-time football player, and follows our national teams really close. And I am very pleased with the way our handball girls are performing right now. But it is important that they don’t begin to rest on thes results so that they lose their good flow they have at the moment, not that I’m afraid of it, for what they have achieved so far shows how professional they are. Fortunately, the handball association taken to their senses and lowered the prices to a more sober level. And then it’s just up to the public to meet up and watch the games, so lets get together and give Norway and our girls the support they deserve.

Here in England we are preparing for Sunday’s away match against Bolton, and it is a match we really take seriously. We still have something to make up for after the match against Manchester United, and we shall not rest until we have settled for that result. But Bolton is not a place you can go to pick up points without a fight. This season they have been very good, and they have some very good players. Especially my good friend Johan Elmander has been very good for them this season. So it might be time to brush the dust off some old tricks .. Maybe send him a little candy again? No, now he is with Bolton, and not with the Swedish national team so he probably enjoy some candy. The story behind this is when the Swedish national team got their new manager, he put down a ban againt sweets and unhealthy food. This manager, Erik Hamren used to be the coach of Rosenborg in Norway, so of course when the ban on sweets came, we sent them a gift…full of sweets :) And now we have to try to get Johan Elmander out of balance before the match. Hmmm .. no guys, you come up with suggestions, just remember that this is an honorable man, so here it is just warm-hearted tricks that goes. No dirty stuff!

Morten Gamst Pedersen