Then it is the European Championship in handball again, and Norway has had a brilliant opening match! Incredibly fun to watch the girls play like they do right now, and this will give the girls a good feeling that they can take advantage of the rest of the tournament. This match they have completely run over France who was one of the favorites before the tournament. There has been some focus on that the girls are under a lot of pressure, but the way they played today, you can’t see that at all. And it shows a little about the mental strength our girls have. I notised that the games has not been sold out and that they expect many empty seats, and you can see some empty seats on TV. So I wonder what the handball association is doing? Did’t we give some massive criticism to somebody else for the exactly the same reason a few years ago? Given that the handball girls almost alone has become a national sport I think it is a bit strange that the marketing of the Handball Championship on home soil has been so low, and the prices may be somewhat stiff!?!? But I’m maybe not the one to criticize too much :)

Morten Gamst Pedersen