Chris and his shirt

JJB what the h*ll?? My name is Pedersen, PEDERSEN!!!

Earlier this season I made a deal with Chris White that if I scored before Christmas he would buy a new Pedersen kit, but if I didn’t score before Christmas I would buy it for him. I do not like losing so I fired home a couple of free kicks ;) No, I’m just kidding. Whitey is a man of his word, and have sent me evidence that he has kept his word. Although JJB do not have entirely control of their stuff and sent him a kit with Pederson on the back, and with white writing, but Chris has been persisting and finally got his jersey with Pedersen on the back. I am very happy with your effort Chris, and the next time you’re up at Ewood you let me know and I’ll sign your jersey.

Morten Gamst Pedersen