Rovers as we are

Today we wanted to show what we are good for, and this is answer enough for me! Today we stood together, and played as a perfectly balanced team. It was at any time eleven Rovers on the pitch who did the job perfectly. As I said before the Wolves would not give us anything for free, and they came out at a furious pace, and we were lucky not conceded a goal or two the first five minutes. But we didn’t let us not be influenced by it, and took over more and more. I am proud to play on this team, and we have come up in eighth place with 21 points, and that is not one point too much, because we have not got the results that we have deserved in all matches this year. This shows how good we really are when we play our game. And I will send a big thank you to all our supporters that keeps the atmosphere and mood up in the stands. I will not trade you with anybody! Mame and I should of course scored at the end but my legs were like two timberlogs, and I simply had no more powder left, but I’ll put it home next time, I promise;)

I met the Norwegian supporters club today with Ronny Loosa and his guys, it was really nice and they are a super bunch. Unfortunately, I was very busy today so it was only for five minutes. But we have an appointment for a lunch later, and we’ll have that at the first opportunity

Morten Gamst Pedersen