The last time I was with the national team I went on visit to my good friend Stig. His freezer is always filled with goodies. And then I just have to invite myself to dinner, in return I work as the chef. Todays dinner is roasted fillet of pork. This is really easy to make and it practicly makes it self, you just have to make a few small preperations

First I chop up the vegetables, and you can use all the vegetables you like. I used red onion, paprika, mushroom, carrot and chilli.

Then you make your own spice mix of fresh spice plants. I used basil, thyme and oregano.

Then you rub on some salt and pepper and then you fry the fillet fast all around in the frying pan

Then you rub the fillet in finely chopped garlic and the spice mix

Put the oven on 125 degrees celsius, and put the filet in the oven. Put a meat roasting thermometer in the filet. When the fillet gets to 70 degrees celsius it is pink and when it is 76 degrees celsius it is baked right through. If you have more heat it goes faster, but I like my food slow cooked

While you have the fillet in the oven you fry the vegetables, and add some balsamico and soy sauce and some water. This will be the sauce. And then you fry some cherry tomatos.

Bon apetite

And to all my friends who can’t eat pork of religious reasons I will come up with another dish in not so long. I just have to go visit my friend Stig and dig in his freezer first ;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen