MOT means COURAGE, and today it is COURAGE to make someone happy – day. It’s so easy to make someone happy without it costing anything. So this morning I called a friend and sang him “a good morning song”. And I have another friend on a visit here in Manchester, so I made him breakfast and served it on his bed. I remind you that these are grown men, but it made them just as happy. And then I ask you, what have you done to make someone happy today? Nothing? Do something .. Now! To someone you know or someone you do not know. To some you love, or don’t love. Do it today, and tell me about it.

This is the MOT to make someone happy – day MOT – COURAGE

Every year on November 23 MOT holds the “COURAGE to make somone happy – day.” 60 000 young people participates in MOTs program in school, and this day they all have a common goal – to make someone happy, with small funds! This day encourages MOT youth and adults across the country to spread the joy!

November 23 has been a red – letter day for all who work with MOT. These days there are small and large events all around the communities that have the MOT programs in schools and leisure venues.

The most important catchword for “MOT to make someone happy” is: THINK SIMPLE!

Make anybody happy, the man on the street, friends, neighbors, grandmother, grandfather, classmates, colleagues or children. Young people are also encouraged to lend a helping hand. Whether shoveling some snow, sweep streets, go on an errand for someone, arrange sms courses, computer courses or card games on the elderly center.

The youth will also have a little extra focus on to say hi, give a smile, a nod and maybe even a hug to someone who needs it.

MOT want to help create warmer and safer environments. It may cost a bit COURAGE to do something extra to spread some joy, but joy is transmitted and the value adds up to something very big! And you will find out that it is really good to make other people happy.

Morten Gamst Pedersen