What can we say about today then? We worked really hard and I was rewarded with two goals, and it was incredibly delicious. The match started mildly miserable for my own part, with some horrible mistake passing, but then I got to take some set pieces and decided that I would hit them no matter what. So the first quarter, I choose to forget, instead I will focus on the rest of the match. And with some good set pieces the good feeling came back and I came up on the level I want to be on. The first goal I think is a copy of the goal against Wigan. And it’s incredibly good to see them go in. I have scored on freekicks in the three recent games, and it shows that it helps to put in some extra effort on the training field. The second goal came after Ryan Nelsen missed and the ball ended up with me, so I could score 2-0 with my right foot. I saw that it was Ryan who got the ball and he is a defender, then you have to be ready for anything. Defenders tend to screw up it in front of the opponent’s goal and then you have to be at the right place and ready for whatever that may come. :) I’ve played some games in the recently and felt something in my thigh, and we have too many midfield players injured, and then I could not take any chances and chose to walk off. So tomorrow morning I will get some treatment, and then we’ll know if there is something wrong. Probably it’s just stress and I’m ready again. Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I unfortunately forgot my pc at home and sat on the hotell without the ability to blog, I promise I’ll shape up.

Morten Gamst Pedersen