Norway may not have played their best game today but still took a strong win away against Ireland. Ireland had the ball and the play, but Norway played well defensively and denied Ireland any big chances. But on a day when they didn’t played up to their best, Norway was patient and waited for counter attacks. This resulted in a stunning attack that ended with Gamst serving Huseklepp who set up the decisive 2-1 goal. I talked to Morten just after the game and this is his thoughts on the match.

Stig: Congratulations on a strong away win. Whats your thoughts about it?
Morten: Thank you, it was incredible. It means a lot for the team to win the last game of the year.
Stig: It was not the best game of the year, but you show that there is good morale in the team.
Morten: Yes, but it is not easy to go out in Europe and dominate games. Ireland is a very good team with several players from the Premier League, so this is a very strong win. And we have Drillo:)
Stig: Congratulations on a great free kick, tell us about it.
Morten: Yes, I hit the ball well there. First, the wall was too far toward the center and there was room to shoot on the outside, so they moved it, but too far out so that there was room for John Arne to shoot in the middle of the goal. But I had a good feeling and we agreed that I should take it. And it went as it went, luckily
Stig: Incredibly counter attack at the end of the game
Morten: Yes it was pure class. Bjorn Helge Riise nut megged a guy befor he played up to Erik Huseklepp, who put it on the heel to Ruben Yttergård Jensen which pass the ball to me, I put it on the back post where HuseKlepp comes with speed and scores. World class, especially from Huseklepp. He shows quality when he goes for goal after he left the ball to Ruben.
Stig: You still do the Bama advert, I saw your dance after the goal. Are you going to send a bill to Bama?
Morten: Hehe, yes, maybe I should. No, I had a bet with someone and I did my part.
Stig: Thanks and congratulations
Morten: Thank you very.