The boots that I and Jason Roberts use. They are really good, based on the last to games

Tomorrow we have an important and difficult away match against Tottenham. We have a good flow at the moment after winning the last two games against Wigan and Newcastle. The whole team worked very hard and I and Jason Roberts has been awarded each of our goals in both matches. A natural goal for this match is that we should follow up the hard work and take care of the chances we get. Tottenham have some injuries to key players but they have a big squad and can still set up a powerful team. But we come here to get us a result and will fight hard to make it. And we hope that we can follow up to score some goals in this match too.

Joey Barton called me today. I couldn’t answer the phone at that moment, but he left a nice message on my answering machine and I called him up the minute we had finished our team meeting. Joey shows that there is more to him than what came out on the pitch the other day, and I really appreciate it. It’s not everyone who has the courage to call to apologize after such an episode, but Joey did without hesitation. Both me and Joey are professional and fully agree to put this behind us, and that we can laugh about the whole thing next time we meet. So from now on this case is dead and out of the world. Now it’s time for Tottenham, COME ON YOU ROVERS.

One more thing, Chris White, where in the heck is the picture of your jersey with my name on the back? We had in fact a bet that you would get a Pedersen jersey and send a picture to me after I had scored. Now I’ve scored .. TWICE .. Picture please;)

Morten Gamst Pedersen