Would you look at that, replay of the match against Wigan where Gamst and Jason Roberts scored the goals to secure a 2-1 win away against Newcastle. I just talked with Morten and he was very happy with the match.

Stig: Congratulations on a goal and a very strong away win against Newcastle.
Morten: Thank you, it was so good to win. Nice to score as well, but it means less than the victory itself, three points are the most important in every game.
Stig: Wow, very generous of you there!?!
Morten: He he, yeah wouldn’t you rather be fighting for a place in the Euro league, rather than to score some goals. It’s the same who put it in net as long as we win. However, EXTREMELY nice to score anyway :)
Stig: Well, yes.. A bit unusual formation you play. What was that?
Morten: It was 5-4-1 with wing backs who will overlap, worked very well against Aston Villa last year and worked perfectly here too. And we did not come here to entertain, but to try and win
Stig: What happened between you and Joey Barton?
Morten: You saw what happened. Need not say more.
Stig: Come on, save it. What happened?
Morten: Seriously, you saw what happened. We crashed, or I go into him and was just to turn to say sorry, and he just lashed out a punch in my stomach. I was very surprised and lost my breath a bit. No big deal
Stig: Will you report the incident?
Morten: Of course not. It happend in the heat of battle, and it was over when the match was over. This is nothing. And it will certainly not overshadow the amazing performance of the match. Joey Barton is a fantastic football player, and that’s what we do. He has not achieved anything with this, and I don’t either by whining about it after the game
Stig: So no sour messages or revenge in the next game?
Morten: He he, no no, me and Joey have nothing unsettled. I’ll even invite him to dinner next time he is in Manchester. As I said, let’s put this case dead.
Stig: Great, thank you and congratulations
Morten: No problem. Thank you