Me and Stig have just been eating at San Carlo, we have had a really fun day and it peaked on the way home. While we walking, we slowly catching up an old couple walking in front of us, they probably did not hear us because when we’re two meters behind them the old man drops a huge fart, a real trumpet in his pants. Me and Stig look at each other because we didn’t really believed what we’ve just heard, but to be sure I ask Stig whether it was he who let a soft one in his pants. He had a big grin on his face and just pointed at the man in front of us, we both broke into huge laughter, and goes screaming past them, there is absolutely zero chance of keeping the mask. The woman almost falls together in shame and just looks down on the asphalt while the man himself set up a steel face with a thousand yards gaze straight ahead. We’re laughing the rest of the way home and the people we meet just looks strangely at us. Amazing how funny a fart can be.

Morten Gamst Pedersen