Blackburn and Morten has done a very good first half and had several great chances. Especially the set pieces from Morten has been very dangerous. Episodes worth mentioning is that Cattermole had a diving test, and failed. A free kick by Morten was a little high and almost went in goal. Darren Bent has been alone with Paul Robinson in which Robinson came out with a perfect save. Samba lost the ball just outside the pealty area and bring down Welbeck. The ref gives a correct red card when Samba clearly takes away an obvious scoring opportunity from Welbeck. In the following free kick Bardsley hit Morten in the wall and almost took his head off. It’s 0-0. Blackburn with 10 men. Blackburn hav been the best team but have given Sunderland some chanses on stupid mistakes

As expected, Sunderland came out with high pace and tried to take advantage of one more man, but Blackburn held out and made a double change after 64 minutes where Benjani and Dunn came in for Kalinic and Salgado. This change gave Blackburn more play up front and put them back in the game. Blackburn fought heroically and made Sunderland average.

Stig: Hi Morten, congratulations on a good game. What do you think?
Morten: Ahh, shit. Boring that Samba is sent off at the end of the first half, it gives us problems in the second half.
Stig: Happy with the result?
Morten: No, or .. I feel we have full control of the match, and is dangerous on set pieces. Of course this could have been worse if Robinson hadn’t saved the chance from Bent. But it’s boring that we give it away again. I think we would have won if we’d been eleven on the pitch.
Stig: Was it a red card?
Morten: Yes
Stig: What now?
Morten: an ice bath and food
Stig: What did Big Sam say to you in the final minutes?
Morten: He he, he said: “what the fuck you running for to take the trow in, we’re only ten men” and I said relaxe, I only need something to drink.. :) he he
Stig: Thanks Morten
Morten: No probs mate