Mental training is as important as physical training. I often get asked about what I put in mental training. It’s actually no magic in it, it’s mostly about being focused on the tasks you have. This applies not only in football but in life in general as well. Now, the competition and the consequences may be a bit bigger in the Premier League football than in general life, but the focus could easily be the same. If I do not perform, I can easily end on the bench or on the stands, if I do not perform over time, I can find myself out of work. My focus is mostly about being well prepared for the next match or training. Friends are very important and my friends are great, they know when to talk football and they know when it’s best to let it be. Just the way I try to be with them. It is also very important to get good feedback and those good feelings. Right now, I find the good feeling of the movies I get in my inbox. Thank you for sending films like this; it’s always fun to watch old clips of the goals you have scored.

Morten Gamst Pedersen