Ally, our kit man with total controll over all our kit

The stage is set for a local derby tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it like a child on Christmas Eve. First of all we have something to fix after a bad visit to Birmingham, and secondly it is a new team and a new stadium for me. Today we had a very good training and my mood is on top again, so this is something I am really looking forward to. The game is sold out and it’s all set for a cracking good game. Blackpool have had a good start to the season and like all other Premier League teams, they must be taken seriously. But we’ve played well this year, but has relatively poor results, so this may be a good match.

Harry, the man behind the boots. He makes sure we don’t play in shit slippers :)

I’ll take in mind and appreciate feedback from Josh, Oliver, Sam and Millwall in the previous blog post. But I’m pretty new to this blogging game and have to learn how this works. So feedback is good for me, in that way I can improve. This blog is intended as a fun little glimpse into a Premier League player’s life, and I blog only when I have time for it. And because of the job at Blackburn Rovers, I can’t do this full time. And I write in both Norwegian and English, and it takes time to write in two languages, it’s not like I have studied either Norwegian or English grammar at university level. So please bare with me. But these guys have a good point when it comes to the blog, and I promise an improvement on that point. I answer a few, but far from enough. But I have answered most of those who have sent email, and many are sending the same questions on both mail and blog posts. The conclusion is that I should answer more requests and questions, and I will. I promise! When it comes to the supporters at the games, I take full responsibility and apologize. I’ll come over in the future and I hope I see you tomorrow, then I will come over to say thanks for the support! But I have to fire back at Millwall FC. I do appreciate the feedback and you have a good point, but if you are going to criticize you should be brave enough to put your name on it. I know what your name is because it’s in your email address, but still. ;) And since I’m fireing back I’ll be brave enough to say thank you for the support, because you deserve it, and I appreciate it. No, I love it! :)

To Johnathan and Luca, you have to send pictures to me with the jersey to Please send two – three different so I have a few. I see that Johnathan has recieved his and hope that Luca is enjoying his as well.

Morten Gamst Pedersen