I tried to call a certian gentleman with the name of Brede Paulsen Hangeland earlier today, but the bast… didn’t answer the phone. Which is good because it shows that my tactic is starting to pay of. BUT at the same time it is pretty rude because he didn’t answer, and I who thought that we were friends, but if thats the way he wants it thats the way he gonna get it. Of course this was just a prank call, but that is not point here. So Brede Hangeland PICK UP THE FREAKIN PHONE!

It is with great pleasure I give you facts about Brede Hangeland

- Brede Hangeland is a real Cowboy. He is born in Houston Texas, and on 20. June 1981 this message came: Houston we got a problem

- Brede Hangeland likes to cook, but the only thing he can make is frozen pizza

- Brede Hangeland said during our game against france: "Mexes, isn't he Italian?"... oh shit, it was Jarstein who said that. ;)

- Brede Hangeland was called by John Carew for Brede Hanglestad. (In Norwegian it means that he is big, skinny and wobbily) Hahahaha, shit joke but it is funny when it is about Brede

- Brede Hangeland loves coffe but he can't cook it. Once he tried to cook a bag of coffee...without water. hahahahaha

- Brede Hangeland is gonna kill me, which is NOT FUNNY, because the bast... don't have a sence of humor

- Brede Hangeland can be called Brede He-is-long... girls if you know what I mean ;)

Appart from this Brede is a nice bastard!

Brede is so out of focus now and we're so gonna win tomorrow.. I hope

Morten Gamst Pedersen