As I said yesterday, Brede has incredible large feet, and girls you know what they say about men with large feet?? ;) Large feet = large shoes! :( Sorry, no dirty talk on my blog.

I rang Brede up and got an intervju with him

Morten: Brede, you are really tall, how is the wheather up there?
Brede: Hehehehe, its pretty bad up here and it’s not gonna be better when we meet you guys..
Morten: Brede, your initiales is BH wich in Norwegian means bra. So, how do you handle bras?
Brede: Hahahaha.. Technically I feel I am pretty good, but I think you are better.
Morten: Has the wheather changed up there?
Brede: Hehe, no.. Or, when you mention it, it might be more windy up here now
Morten: Brede, we’re friends…
Brede: Yes..?
Morten: I haven’t scored this season…
Brede: No..!?!
Morten: Shall we make a deal??
Brede: Do you suggest that we make a deal? Of course, I’m open for suggestions. If you pay all our meals at the Nodee resturant in the future I’m in
Morten: Thank you very much. May you burn this weekend
Brede: I feel you are by far the best reporter I have ever met.

Morten Gamst Pedersen