The other day a friend came over from Norway and when I came home from training he stood in my living room with the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. Of course, the alarms in my head should have went off, unfortunately they didn’t. In stead i found my self standing there smiling just like him. Then he took out this little toy helikopter, and here all my alarms should have went off. Did they? NO! In stead I was filled with this incredible joy and just ripped the box open and assembled the helikopter immediately. And we started to fly it. It had a good engine and went straight up in the smoke detector and crash landed on the living room table so that rotor blades, cups and glasses went in all directions with me and my friend screaming of laughter. The helikopter came with extra rotor blades and was easy to fix.

The next time we had a few test take offs and landings just to get to know the remote controller and the helikopter. After a while we feel secure enough that we starts to think that we need bigger enviroment. The porch door is open…

Of course that door should have been nailed shut, unfortuneately it wasn’t and we felt safe that this was a good idea.

It was no problem to fly the thing out the door, actually it went so well that we started to talk about this to be a future thing for us. One minute later we weren’t so sura anymore. Because the neighbour had heard us and put his head out just as the helikopter flew past his porch nearly taking his head off. He screamed and we panicked and tried to fly the helikopter away from the building. Unfortunately we flew the helikopter to far away so we lost some contact with it. Of course the helikopter started to go down, and we just got control over it before it crash landet. Then of course this dude had to come walking at the same time, and we almost flew it in to his head. Of course he screamed as well and started to wave his arms at the helikopter, and to save him and the helikopter we flew the helikopter over the river, and there we lost all contact with it and it crashed into the river. Now the neighbour is pissed off, I am out of a helikopter and I’m pretty sure that the dude on the ground is not happy with me.

Best regards Capt. Morten Gamst Pedersen